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Jasper… what can we say about Jasper? He is our boy, born to Ruby in the spring of 2009. Jasper is all boy and has been very different from the girls since the day he was born. Confident to start with, Jasper was eating lichen out of our hands at two days old. He frolics and plays with anything and anyone. He especially loves the challenges of dangling ropes, badminton nets, and blue tarps. Anything not put away is fair game for Jasper to try to put it in its place or just take for a ride around the yard. We are never surprised to see something dangling from his antlers as he parades around the yard with his new decorations. One never knows what antics Jasper will be up to next.

Jasper is our largest reindeer and weighed over 400 lbs. at 15 months of age. Jasper is halter trained and is in the process of being harness trained to pull a sleigh. He is curious, gentle and loves to be the center of attention at parties. Jasper loves more than anything to be fed a handful of lichen and have a good scratch behind his ears. One curious thing about Jasper is that the girls have never tolerated him. Even though he weighs 100 lbs. more than the largest female, they never let him play in their reindeer games. Jasper is longing for your attention.