Reindeer Adoption

This is a unique opportunity to help support our reindeer and to keep you in touch with your favorite! Adoptions are a great way to honor our sweet reindeer with your friends and family throughout the year! They also make great gift ideas! Adoptions are available for the current calendar year and renew each January. Any adoptions for the month of December will begin January of the following year. All animals stay in the care of Running Reindeer Ranch. There are two levels of adoption.

$50 Friend of our reindeer

Benefits include an adoption certificate for the calendar year, an invitation to annual adoption party for all adoptive parents, an update twice a year on your specific reindeer and the herd, updates by facebook messenger or email as requested, and a Running Reindeer Ranch sticker or refrigerator magnet.

$100 Supporter of our reindeer

All of the above benefits and also an invitation for a training session (or two) and a holiday greeting card from your reindeer.

Who would you like to adopt?


Margarita is our newest reindeer born the 5th of May, 2017. She is our Cinco de Mayo baby! Since her mother’s name is Daisy and she was born on Cinco de Mayo we realized that the name for Daisy in Spanish was Margarita! Margarita was born the same summer that our children’s program began and we allowed children to come in and feed lichen, pet and adore our sweet calf. She loves attention and lichen! We have not had a reindeer so comfortable around people from such an early age. Margarita is a diva and loves to be loved on and adored from near and far! Margarita loves to explore new places and you will often see her running for the sheer joy of it! If she takes off running it is likely that her big brother, Rocket, will follow and mom, Daisy, will be right after them. If Margarita, Rocket, and Daisy are running around then the rest will follow! And of course, mayhem ensues! That’s our Margarita! Margarita is hoping that people will adopt her efforts to sport a new antler. It was broken in a sibling rivalry brawl with her big brother!


Daisy is our new matriarch of the herd. She has her two calves, Rocket and Margarita, to look after. That keeps her busy as she is always playing interference between their sibling rivalry games! Daisy is a terrific mother and takes after her mother, our original Queen Reindeer Ruby, in that way. However, I do have to say, she has a favorite in Margarita over Rocket. Tsk, Tsk, she may find out that comes back to bite her in the end.


Rufus was not going to stay with us as after Jasper I felt that one male reindeer in the herd was enough. However, when Rufus was three days old he started jumping on our laps and giving us kisses! Well, how could we resist that! Rufus has remained an absolute sweetheart. We thought that we would like to train Rufus to pull a sled, but he decided against that, then we thought we would ride him. Although he was fine to sit on once we started moving he would have none of that so a friend lent us a pack saddle and he did nicely with that. He carries about 50 lbs of weight very comfortably and with no complaints at all! When our four-year-old great-niece, Caydence, came to visit the summer of 2017 he was quite taken by her and allowed her to ride him! The fall of 2017, however, he began to lose weight very rapidly. The vet diagnosed him with an unspecified internal abscess. This is not a good prognosis for a reindeer. We have been working hard on supporting him through the use of antibiotics for infection and probiotics for rumen and gut support. Although the prognosis is still serious his weight loss has stabilized and his appetite has increased. His favorite food is lichen, which we harvested locally from the tundra this summer. We are so happy that we got a good supply this year but we are going through it rapidly. His vet bills are also quite high. An adoption of Rufus would help support his vet bills and then ultimately help purchase his very own pack saddle so someday he could join us on multi-day camping trips in the wilds of Alaska! We think he would really like that.


Princess Buttercup, our sweet, dear reindeer, was our Queen Ruby’s last calf born. Because she was Ruby’s last calf she was nurtured by Ruby in a very special way. You might even say that she was Ruby’s favorite! Buttercup lost her first calf and she did not particularly like her boyfriend during her second breeding so she has never had a calf of her own to nurture. Instead, you will find Buttercup walking up next to you, leaning over and expecting some loving! She was devastated (as we were) when we lost our dear Ruby but that made her even more interested in getting some love from her human friends. If you joined us on a walk since the last half of 2017, then it was probably Buttercup that you got a photo with. She has taken over the Queen’s job of making everyone feel welcome and relaxed at Running Reindeer Ranch. Buttercup went back for a visit with her boyfriend this fall and we hope that she will calve this spring. Adoptees of Buttercup will be the first to know! Otherwise, she will have been fickle again and your adoption fee may help with artificial insemination next year.

For more information or to adopt a reindeer today, contact us at or visiy our online store.