Our Hassle-Free Cancellation Promise

We know travel plans change and sometimes it’s necessary to cancel them. During these uncertain times we are trying to maintain a generous cancellation policy.

That’s why you may cancel your reservation for a full refund, if you notify us 48 hours before your scheduled tour.

Cold Weather Guarantee: This is Alaska, we are a place of weather extremes. You will be outside for about two hours. We can’t control the weather but we want you to be comfortable. If it’s colder than -20F/-29C (we’ve done tours at -50F/-45C), and you won’t be comfortable please let us know as early as possible and we will issue you a full refund, although we think you will miss a truly unique experience.

I’m sorry, we do not offer refunds if you oversleep, get your car stuck in the snow, your car won’t start or you don’t leave Chena Hot Springs on time.

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