Behold the Beauty of the Boreal Forest

With a Guided Tour or a Stay at the Reindeer Haus

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska, look no further than Running Reindeer Ranch! We offer guided walking tours of the boreal forest with our reindeer friends. Watch them leap and bound among the trees or stroll lazily alongside our group, and get ready to learn the ins and outs of adapting to the polar climate. Can’t get enough of our furry friends? We also offer lodging at the Reindeer Haus, an aptly named chalet with porch views of the Alaskan Range. Check out our offerings below for more information, and make the most of your Fairbanks vacation!

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Why Choose Running Reindeer Ranch?

Alaskan Experts

Jane has lived in Alaska her whole life, and Doug moved here back in 1978. Together, they have a combined 75 years of experience in Fairbanks and can help you discover the area’s best dining, lodging, and entertainment.

Totally Unique

There’s nothing else like the Ranch anywhere in Fairbanks, let alone the state of Alaska! Our Reindeer Walks offer a hands-on experience with one of nature’s most mythical animals.

Media Recognitions

We’ve been featured in publications like Fodor’s Choice, the Washington Post, and Yahoo Travel. Samantha Brown even named us on her list of five Alaskan must-sees!

Tales from the Herd

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Doug, Jane, Neill, Robin, and Anya

Fun with Doug and Jane

Meet the Minds Behind the Ranch

Running Reindeer Ranch got its start after a request from Doug and Jane’s daughter Robin for a horse. When Jane turned down this idea (due to practical concerns, of course), Robin moved on to asking for goats or sheep. Finally, the family compromised on an animal better suited for the Arctic: reindeer. The first two reindeer, Ruby and Moon, became part of the family in October 2007 — and the rest is history!

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Tie the Knot at Running Reindeer Ranch

If you want to put a unique spin on your wedding, celebrate your big day at Running Reindeer Ranch. Jane is a certified State of Alaska Marriage Commissioner, and she would be happy to marry you! Get married in the beautiful boreal forest, or celebrate with an indoor ceremony at the Reindeer Haus. The best part? One of our reindeer can even act as your ring bearer!

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Reposted from @davidbeaudry Their fur looks like brushstrokes from a painter (AK 2018)
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