A walk with reindeer is a walk to remember

Come for a magical walk with our reindeer. We are a family farm located just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Our Reinder Ranch is nestled in the beautiful birch-filled boreal forest of the Goldstream Valley.

“I am often torn between rating an attraction very good or excellent. I did not have this problem with Jane’s Running Reindeer Ranch, it was truly OUTSTANDING!”

from TripAdvisor

Why reindeer? Where did it all begin?

People often ask how these reindeer came to live with us. It started when our daughter, Robin, then age 12, asked if she could have a horse. Allergies and other practical concerns led Jane to say “no.” Persistent Robin turned her attention to goats (absolutely not) or sheep (um, that would be “no,” again). Jane suggested considering an animal better suited to the Arctic. A drive by the University of Alaska Reindeer Research Project planted the seed which would germinate through two years of research and fundraising.

It all came together in October of 2007, Ruby and Moon joined us from Tom Williams’ Reindeer Farm in Palmer. Olive joined us in February of 2008. In April of 2008, Ruby became a mom: Willow was born, the family was taking shape. Jasper was born the following spring, Charlie was born in the spring of 2010, Rufus and Lilly in 2011, Robbie and Lief in 2012. Rosie and Daisy in 2013, Maki and Buttercup in 2014, Rocky Cupcake in 2015 and Rocket and Peanut in 2016. Margarita, our Cinco de Mayo baby was born to Daisy in 2017. Last year Sapphire and Toby were our 2018 reindeer babies and now the three girls in 2019 Cosmos, Poppy and Juniper.

Spring calving time is a reminder of the wonder we feel at new birth — the circle of life — and is our favorite time of year.

Our reindeer are part of the family and genuinely enjoy entertaining visitors, nibbling lichen and striking out on incredible nature walks through the boreal forest.

This one-of-a-kind tour will be the highlight of your trip to Alaska. In the winter we’re the ideal addition to your evening Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights tour, in the summer a perfect start or finish to your midnight sun Alaska Cruise.

“My only advice is to not miss this experience.” 

from TripAdvisor

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Running Reindeer Ranch was the 2013 winner of the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau Jim and Mary Binkley Award for its creativity, innovation, courage and entrepreneurialism in the introduction of a new attraction for the benefit and enjoyment of visitors to Fairbanks!