Fly and Flow Yoga with Reindeer (Summer Only)

Outdoors with Reindeer

Hatha or Vinyasa Flow with Reindeer

Fun with Reindeer

Parking at Running Reindeer Ranch is limited, so reservations are made per parking space. We have a limit of 10 parking spaces, so please try to fill your car. The extra riders can pay upon arrival.

Strike a Tree Pose in the Boreal Forest

Fly and Flow is a fun, interactive way to take your yoga practice to new heights. Take in the sights and sounds of nature — such as a soft summer breeze, buzzing dragonflies, the smell of crisp grass, and our amazing animals — while enjoying the unique opportunities and challenges of our reindeer yoga class. All in all, we are here to have fun and enjoy the company of one another, as well as the reindeer. Namaste.



Certified yoga instructor

Reindeer weaving between mats

Reindeer pawing at the yoga mats

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The Basics

An Overview of the Experience


$20 per class



Meeting Point

Running Reindeer Ranch
1448 Ivans Alley
Fairbanks, AK 99709


Summer (Mid-May through Mid-August)


1 hour

Group Size

Min. 5, Max. 30

Participation Requirements

All skill levels are welcome. See FAQ for information on children participation.

What to Bring

  • Yoga mat required
  • Water

Practice Yoga with Fairbanks' Famous Herd

Join a hatha or vinyasa style flow in the company of reindeer on a grassy lawn. Teal or Sarah will teach an hour-long class while reindeer walk among and paw at the yoga mats. Watch as members of our herd find a comfortable place to lie down and take a snooze while you’re perfecting your downward dog, and bask in a truly Alaskan experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

When reindeer are born, they have what is called a flight zone.  They only let a potential threat or predator get so close, and then they take off.  We reduce the flight zone of our reindeer by building trust and regular contact.  Yoga is a way for the calves to get close to people on their own terms. We stay on our mats and allow the reindeer to approach as they want. 


We were also inspired to join the reindeer as they make their own yoga moves.  Their antlers and shedding fur are itchy as it grows during the summer and their ability to bend their body in ways to satisfy their itches is admirable and inspiring! 

Being around the reindeer while they graze, relax and chew cud is a wonderful way to interact with them without disturbing their personal space. We can also enjoy the healing and relaxing sounds of nature and feel the sun, wind and perhaps rain to help bring awareness to our senses and our own bodies.

We have also wanted to offer an experience in the Fairbanks area where people can enjoy being outside, in a safe and natural environment and nurture their mind, body and spirit.

Yes! Our yoga instructors are certified instructors and, when not teaching yoga with our reindeer, they teach at other studios in Fairbanks.  You can expect an excellent yoga session suitable for all abilities.  

The reindeer will enhance your experience!

Because participating in a yoga experience can be a vulnerable situation, we do not allow any bystanders or onlookers

It would be awkward for any of us participating in any yoga class to have people looking in and taking photos.  Anyone in the yoga area will be expected to participate in yoga to the best of their abilities. 

Reindeer are curious and gentle by nature and also extremely sensitive to energy.  They do not kick, bite or jump on things or people.  You can expect them to graze, frolic and then relax as the tempo of the session changes.  Typically, their energy at the start of the session is lively, but usually by shavasana (final resting pose), all the reindeer will be resting with us. 

We have very limited parking and our reservations are for a parking space. You are encouraged to bring as many people in your car as you can.  Please carpool. There is parking available at the Kunkel Community Center and other areas close by to meet up with others, so you can bring only one car. 

Contact us for more details on this if you have any questions.

Yoga can be a transformative experience for children, but it is not for everyone. This is a yoga class and so the question is whether you would bring your child to any other yoga class.  If the answer is no, then this would not be the experience for your child either.  If your child can participate in an hour-long session of yoga with distractions (reindeer) around, then they are welcome.  Every child is different, and you know your child best.  Everyone is expected to stay on their mat during the yoga session.  We do not allow electronics to entertain children during yoga either. 

We do ask that if you decide to bring your child, and it turns out to not be a good fit that you and your child leave. 

Of course!  We do everything we can to mitigate for mosquitoes without spraying toxic chemicals.  Typically, the mosquitoes are not nearly as bad as you would think.  Please dress accordingly.  If you choose to spray we ask that you kindly keep the spray on the gravel parking areas and not on anything green that the reindeer might choose to eat. 

We feel so lucky that we have had amazing weather for almost all the yoga sessions we have offered.  If it does rain, we have the instructor make the call.  They have never canceled yoga for the rain.  If we cancel for rain we will notify you as soon as we can.  If we cancel we will either refund you or reschedule.

Yes, please bring your own yoga mat or towel.  We may have some yoga mats available for rent for $5 on a first come first serve basis.

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and we offer a full refund if you notify us, in writing (email), of your need to cancel or change the date 48 hours or more in advance of your class.  Because we have limited space, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.  We cannot reschedule or refund you if you do not give us enough notice.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep the weather and mosquitoes in mind.  It can be a bit chilly at times so a blanket for shavansana is always a good idea.

You are welcome to take as many photos as you would like.  Also, know that our staff will be there to capture shots as well, and we are happy to pass them onto you so you can focus on your yoga experience.  We do ask that you respect others around you and share on social media only photos of yourself. 

This is a wonderful way to experience yoga for the first time.  Yoga is not a competitive sport , and we all move in our own ways and within our own abilities.  It is a time to focus inward and get to know and respect our bodies differently.  Our instructors are experienced in making classes available to all.  If you need a chair or other accommodation, we are happy to oblige, just let us know!

 Our yoga area is in a natural setting outdoors and completely open to nature.  You should expect nature sounds and energy, not completely even ground and open spaces with reindeer meandering around.  You will hear wind, birds and bugs, you will feel the sun and rain, you will smell the grass, wildflowers and trees, you will breathe clean, fresh air.  This is the only area like this consistently practice yoga during the summer months in the Fairbanks area.  We think it makes it that much sweeter and hope you will make a regular practice coming to yoga outside, in nature, throughout the summer.

You are welcome to pet and photograph the reindeer before during and after your yoga session.  For the health and safety of everyone, including the reindeer, we do ask that if you are off of your mat you have your mask on.  Please never chase the reindeer. 

This is a yoga session and you will be able to interact with the reindeer and watch them grow and change throughout the summer.  Their transformation from May through August is amazing to experience.  

We can answer basic questions, but this is a yoga experience not a tour.  If you would like to learn more about our reindeer and their amazing adaptations for living in the arctic we encourage you to join us for an interactive, natural history walking tour.  It’s really a great way to see the reindeer in the forest, doing reindeery things while learning all about them! 

Still Have Questions?

Please Check Out Our Full FAQ Page for More Answers
Other Important Details

  • Parking at Running Reindeer Ranch is limited, so reservations are made per parking space. We have a limit of 10 parking spaces, so please try to fill your car. The extra riders can pay upon arrival.
  • Our parking spaces may be full, but you can still join by getting dropped off, walking, riding a bike, etc.
  • If our lot is full, you can find parking at Ivory Jacks and at the Jennifer Drive rock quarry.
  • Please dress according to the weather. We suggest long pants and long-sleeved shirts, as mosquitoes are quite aggressive in the summer.
  • Make sure to bring water, as temperatures can be warm.
  • Your own yoga mat is required.

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