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We are a family owned and operated ranch. Jane is a life-long Alaskan, originally from Anchorage, who has lived in Fairbanks for more than 35 years. Doug, originally from Portland, Oregon moved to Fairbanks in 1978. Our three children, Neill, Robin and Anya are now college students and beyond who enjoy living in Alaska as well. We purchased our five-acre parcel and home and moved out to the Goldstream Valley, north of Fairbanks, in 2004. Shortly afterward we began shaping the land to suit our needs and fulfill our dreams. We love gardening, animals and being outdoors. A visit to our ranch is a visit to a true Alaskan family and we invite you to be our guest for a unique Alaskan experience in the beautiful Goldstream Valley.

“Offhand, to be honest, I was not expecting much. Perhaps some penned up sad reindeer that wandered for the entertainment of humans. Nope!” from TripAdvisor


Running Reindeer Ranch - A Family business