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Winter Reindeer Walks

Reindeer in Winter

Our winter tours are a little different from our summer tours. We have created a hybrid virtual and real tour experience. In winter, we realize that it’s not practical to be outside for the full 2.5 hours like our summer tours. (As I write this it is -20) So, we have created part of our tour for you to watch via video from the warmth of you home or hotel before your walk.

Here is how our winter, hybrid tour will work:

We have created a series of videos to watch before you come on the tour. These videos will help you dress appropriately, teach you about reindeer safety and how we got our start and introduces you to our reindeer.

Our walk hasn’t changed. You will have plenty of time get to know our herd, get pictures and reindeer hugs.

We are so excited to have you join us on our reindeer adventure. We are happy to be able to provide a safe experience so you can spend time with our beautiful reindeer, full of personality!

In the fall and winter be ready for just about anything. But be especially prepared for cold. If you rent a car make sure the tires are in good shape, preferably with studs. 
Alaska Element in Fairbanks rents out cold weather gear. Contact them at their website. They have a package of boots, snow pants and a jacket and will deliver to your hotel or airport! It will be so worth it!

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