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2024 Music with Reindeer House Concert Series

People and reindeer enjoying good music

Music with Reindeer House Concert Series Returns!

Join local musicians, our herd of enchanting reindeer and the sounds and sights of nature in this intimate music experience. Our reindeer personalities and antics will delight you as they react to the sounds and energy of the music in this serene, beautiful park like settings. Bring your chair, a friend and any food and/or beverage you would like. Parking and space is limited, please carpool. Limited to 15 automobiles. Book early and fill your car!

Note – Parking is limited to 15 spaces, when you book online, book for a parking space and one adult, then add any additional people, riders can pay when they arrive. Fill your car with friends. Parking is also available at Ivory Jacks and the Jennifer Drive gravel pit. You are welcome to bike or walk or fly from there and pay when you arrive.

Schedule of Concerts


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